An Imaginary Bicycle Ride

July 18, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Quadrants - Fallowfield Loop
Crayfield Road
Manchester, Manchester M19 3NX
Paul Bower & Lorenza Cassini
An Imaginary Bicycle Ride @ The Quadrants - Fallowfield Loop | Manchester | United Kingdom

Paul Bower and Lorenza Casini (and child) facilitate an experimental ‘bike’ tour of the A6 and surrounding areas of Levenshulme

Here is a breakdown of the event, brought to you as part of the Levenshulme Contemporary Arts Centre (LCAC) wider program of events

We’ll be taking an imaginary bicycle ride (in other words a walking tour but with a difference) along a section of Stockport Road or ‘the A6’, through Levenshulme to imagine, speculate and discuss what an A6 kind and open to cyclists of all ages and abilities could be like.

So many of us want to have a viable transport alternative that is fun, cheap, social and good for the environment. Only we already do, it’s called the bicycle! But feeling safe and protected whilst cycling on our roads, still feels like a distant reality for most in the UK and Levenshulme is no different here. But this shouldn’t stop us thinking, imagining and dreaming about making it a closer reality.

What would the A6 feel and look like if road space was redistributed more sensibly to other, more vulnerable road users such as cyclists? Where and how could we accommodate segregated cycling lanes? Where would we need cycle parking to make it convenient to use the High Street without a car? How could we safely join and cross the A6 on our bikes by ourselves or with our kids? How would the character and feel of our High Street change if we were to give more space to cycling?

Join us on Saturday 18th July at 10am if you would like to contribute and participate in this conversation. We will be meeting and starting at the exit on Crayfield Road of the Fallowfield Loop (near the Quadrants orchard) and take a walk, for approximately one hour, along Stockport Road ending at Levenshulme Market. We will bring simple tools and props that will enable us to quickly draw, test and reimagine a different A6, spark ideas and hopefully healthy debates. We aim to gather all the ideas and suggestions in a small manifesto for our Levenshulme stretch of Stockport Road to then involve wider stakeholders, such as our local councillors; fellow residents and businesses, in helping set a new agenda for future improvements.

Come alone; with your partners; family and friends; on foot or bring your bike too! Along with your ideas, aspirations, bugbears and all.

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