Interview: Pastrami Now – The Sandwich Kings of Levenshulme Market

Pastrami Now

Pastrami Now are fast becoming the market stall of the hungover, the ravenous and the bargain hunter. It’s a tad exciting when you get to the front of their cerise pink stall queue and realise, these guys mean business. Then they start slicing up mahoosive portions of beef for you, like you’re a special someone. They do it for everyone but somehow, you look around and think, LOOK AT MY MASSIVE SANDWICH! LOOK AT MY GIANT PICKLE! It feels like a badge of honour. A big meaty badge.

Anyways, Love Levenshulme invited the chaps to tell us a little bit more about themselves, their next pit stop at the Halloween Night Market on the 28th October and their hopes for the future. There’s sadly no reveal what’s in the magic pink and green sauces they make though.


Cheesey Veg Options!
Cheesy Veg Options.

How did you get started?

We (Adam and Rich) have known each other since university, where we bonded over our obsession with food. We took actual photos and maintained a very smug blog about it that we thought was very clever and witty. Thankfully we’re pretty confident that blog is now buried in the deep dark crevasses of the internet somewhere.

Anyway, after living in different cities for a few years, we ended up moving to Levenshulme at around the same time and finally got to hang out on a regular basis – which is when we revived our original fantasy of starting up a food business.

Pastrami Now

Tell us more about your food

We wanted to go for something that we would like to eat on the market, something meaty, cheesy and great for greedy people like us.

We took our time to develop and test out different brining methods to try to make (in our opinion) the perfect pastrami and salt beef – it’s one of the best things you can possibly do with beef, but there is a lot of scope to end up doing it an injustice, too. So before we launched our market stall, we had already spent a good amount of time and effort to get it right. As it stands, we cure our meats in our secret blend of herbs and spices a week before it hits the oven.

Pastrami now sandwich...half of it.
A Pastrami Now sandwich…half of it.

We like to keep the sandwiches simple; good bread, meat, cheese, sauerkraut and our secret sauces make for a good hot grilled sandwich. It’s great comfort food which goes together brilliantly with a decent beer.


Pastrami Now Sides
Pastrami Now Sides. Pickles come as standard.

Why Levenshulme?

Obviously, as huge food fans we love the great food, drink and social vibe the area has. New ideas are buzzing around in the air here and we think it shows in the success of amazing businesses like Trove and the Buttery, and fellow Levenshulme Market traders Blue Caribou Canteen and Holy Crab. It’s the perfect area to start a food business to see if it works.

What are your plans for the future?

Food wise, we’re working on expanding our sandwich offering and pastramified options. Sides like our potato salad and coleslaw have recently left the test-kitchen, and we are now venturing into the world of homemade pickles and fermented vegetables. Ultimately, we want to make sure we use quality products and do them justice.

Business wise, we’re planning a supper club in Levy and a beer festival at Magic Rock in Huddersfield in the new year.

If we’re talking about big dreams, we’d of course love to have a more permanent base here in Levenshulme. For the moment, though, we are focusing on building up a loyal pastrami and salt beef army at Levy Market. Watch this space!

Want to try us out? Come to Levy Market! We’ve got a few market dates coming up, including the Halloween Night Market on the 28th October and the Christmas Market on the 17th December.

All our stall dates are available at, and if you’re really keen, follow us @PASTRAMINOW on Twitter.


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