Levenshulme Gin Festival – Gin Trifle, Levvy Metal and Harp on Entry.

Who’s Running the New Festival?

The Levenshulme Gin Festival  on the 17th of Feb – a first for Levenshulme and a welcome foray into the ‘Ginmania’ currently taking Britain by storm.

Savvy party champions and all round good guys at The Klondyke in partnership with Levenshulme Festivals founder, Jamie Whittaker have previously hosted The Summer of Lev, Oktoberfest and Levenshulme Food, Beer & Gin Festival out of the popular local venue. Expect the same level of fun for this ‘Gintacular’. Sorry.

February is  always somewhat lacking in fun things to do so it’s great that Levenshulme has something on its Winter calendar to look forward to and warm the cockles.


Some of the locals hanging out with Les and Jamie at The Klondyke, Levenshulme.


The Klondyke has been steadily increasing their offering of premium Gins (and other boozy options) over the past year as well as upgrading their tonics to the trusty Fever Tree brand. They’ve become a dab hand at garnishes, ensuring they’re well stocked up on lemon peels, cucumbers and peppercorns and serving in gin goblets, which adds a certain regal quality to one’s gin drinking adventures.


For this dedicated botanically infused event, there promises to be no less than 80 premium Gins for tasting as well as 6 Gin cocktails to purchase.


How Can We Come Along Please?

Tickets are required for the special event, priced at £10/ £9 for Klondyke members here and in return you shall receive a branded Gin Goblet, some Gin Trifle, Gin Tasting sessions and piles of (Gin) live music. Did we mention there’ll be Gin? Doors open from 7pm til LATE


What’s Happening On The Night?

When you rock up, expect to be greeted by Gin loving hosts and beautiful harp music. (We advice you make an entrance, probably wear a top hat if you feel like it. The Klondyke is the kind of place where they expect that.)

Then it’s up to you to drink your way (responsibly) through the Gin choices, to find your favourite Gin.

Don’t worry, if this sounds daunting, help will be on hand from connoisseurs of the happy stuff.

Advice & demonstrations from local craft Gin maker Zymurgorium  and fellow Gin experts who will be at hand to find the perfect Gin for your pallet.

They’ll be vegan & meat food stalls on offer and plenty of cakes to keep your belly full.

The Four L’s of the Gin Apocalypse Bring The Music.

Lucy Mae & her 6 piece jazzy jazz band

Levvy Metal – Levenshulme’s own Balkan brass & wind band

Levy Chorus – A choir of spirited women folk

Lots of Vinyl DJ sets – of course!


Make sure you grab your tickets before they sell out, limited numbers will be available on the night, on the door. 

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