Manchester Acupuncture Clinic

Manchester Acupuncture Clinic is based in the heart of Levenshulme, within the old post office building. There are currently four practicing therapists based at the centre, providing a wide range of therapies including low cost Classical TCM Acupuncture. There is a Medical Herbalist, Deep Tissue/sport masseur, Cranio-sacral therapist, Homeopath, Zen Shiatsu therapist, Tui-na therapist, Dru-Yoga teacher & Meditation instructor within the clinic.

At Manchester Acupuncture Clinic we will look in-depth at your lifestyle and any physical or emotional problems you have to determine how best to treat you – not just as the problem you come into the consultation with, but in a holistic way, as an individual.

As well as dietary and lifestyle advice, we can discuss different options with you that may be relevant to the treatment, such as cupping, moxabustion, massage, electro or auricular (ear) acupuncture or refer you to one of our other complimentary therapists.


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