The Real Junk Food Project Pop-Up Restaurant Comes to Levenshulme Inspire

The Real Junk Food Project, if you’ve not already heard about the vast amount of good work they’ve been doing, are a charitable foundation with offshoots all over the country, spreading the message of  food waste, over consumption and food poverty in a very practical and tasty way.

Their aim is to intercept food waste from distributors, restaurant chains and big stores and turn those perceived ‘waste’ products into amazing, healthy and nutritious food in one of their many cafes and pop-up venues across the UK on a ‘Pay What You Feel’ ethos .

Manchester’s branch has been leading the way with pop-ups in the Northern Quarter, Bolton and the recent European City of Science festival. Now it’s Levenshulme’s turn to get a slice of the ‘junk food’ pie.

So impressive is the food offering and organisation, it’s been nominated for best food and drink pop-up, event, club or project of the year by the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

Outside Levenshulme Inspire
Outside Levenshulme Inspire

A La Carte ‘Junk Food’ Restaurant?

This might have a little something to do with their newly recruited chef, Aumbry’s Mary-Ellen McTague who is to become the head chef at Manchester’s first ‘junk food’ restaurant when it opens its doors in the very near future.

Real Junk Food Project Manchester
Real Junk Food Project Manchester

How To Book For Levenshulme Inspire?

If you fancy helping to fund the restaurant, experiencing how food waste can be turned into gourmet dishes and getting a flavour of the future restaurant menu, Mary and her Real Junk Food Project crew are taking over one of our favourite local hang outs, Levenshulme Inspire.


Karen Clarke, local resident and new manager of Levenshulme Inspire says:

“We are delighted that The Real Junk Food Project is paying a visit to M19 for what is bound to be a great night for Levenshulme”

On Friday 12th August, they’ll be hosting a special pop-up restaurant, there’ll be a bar and no doubt a lot of buzzGrab your  tickets here before they get snapped up.

The Real Junk Food Project

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