Success for Friends of Levenshulme Station – Art Mural For Platform 1

On Saturday 6th of May from 10am til 2pm Levy based artist Mark Jermyn also known as Moderate Realism is heading down to Levenshulme Market to lead a very significant art workshop with his team. 

UPDATE: The art workshop is pleased to have the honour of chilling in the Commonplace  double-decker bus on its first outing!

The workshop will deliver an opportunity for the people of Levenshulme to help inform a permanent design that will brighten up a large section of the wall on the Platform 1 area of the Levenshulme station and give passers by an idea of Levenshulme is all about!

The art mural project has been planned by Pauline Johnston who has taken up the gauntlet of voluntary art coordinator as an active committee member of Friends of Levenshulme Station.

This is the first phase of the wider regeneration efforts for and by Levenshulme Station and has been made possible with the help of funding from Northern


Poster for Saturday 6th May – 10 am – 2pm

About The Artist

Mark Jermyn has been a resident of Levenshulme for several years and loves where he lives. Alongside his art practice he runs a screen print and educational workshop company called One69a

He approached Friends of Levenshulme Station in late 2016 with an offer to help improve the visual impact of the station, share his passion for Levenshulme and wanted to help activate and inspire others to get creative in the suburb. The idea of the art mural for Phase 1 was born out of those discussions. 

Jermyn now plans to lead a community participation workshop on the community stall at Levy Market for all ages on Saturday the 6th of April 2017 at 10am. Jermyn and his colleague Sally will hold creative play sessions with live screen printing and tote bag design. As well as this, concept sharing on large art boards. These boards may even find a home at the station alongside the finished piece…permissions pending from northern of course! 

Jermyn will be asking participants to express their best feelings of the area with words and images. He’ll be asking questions like “Why do you like Levenshulme?” and “What are the best bits?” to help gather inspirational ideas.

Jermyn, has previous experience of large scale public art projects. His most recent work was commissioned for the transformation and re-branding of The Refuge (Palace Hotel) and included permanent and temporary exhibits in his unique geometric style.

Jermyn’s work at The Refuge on Oxford St


The final work is due to be completed at the end of June 2017, will set Levenshulme station apart from other stations in Manchester, putting Levy on the map as a unique destination, reflecting the nature of the area and the creative, vibrant and urban outlook of Levenshulme’s residents.

Pauline Johnston of Love Levenshulme and FoLS says: 

“I can’t wait to see the outcome of the community workshops and how that will inform the artists final version for the space on Platform 1. We want everyone to come down to the stall and have a go at the workshop and share their creative thoughts. I know Jermyn is keen to gather as much inspiration as possible from people locally.

I also hope that by doing such a public event we can get more amazing artists and creatives involved in the process at different stages of the Levenshulme Station transformation. Come on down, get messy and creative.” 

What Next For Levenshulme Station?

The next phase which is led by Lorenza Casini who’s the current chair of Friends of Levenshulme Station, is the installation of a multi-level Pocket Garden on Platform 1. This will begin in late Summer 2017.

It will include a variety of handmade raised bed planters in the gated section of Platform 1, with sensory plants and evergreen foliage. This phase has been made possible with thanks to Community Interest Company Levenshulme Market who are constantly seeking ways to support the improvement of the amenities nearby and help local community groups fulfil their goals. 

Ian Ford who is the current secretary of Levenshulme Station has also created a great annual report for 2016/17 which will be printed for the station to see how we have been developing as a group this year. Keep a look out for it.

How Do I Get Involved In Future Projects?

Some pictures from The Street With No Name Action Day in April 2017.


If you are interested in taking part in any of the Friends of Levenshulme Station activities and meetings, keep an eye out on the new notice boards in the station and on Stockport Road. You can also drop a line to to join the mailing list.  The next meeting of the group is at Levenshulme Arcadia on 17th of May at 6:30pm. All welcome.








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