Volunteer Call Out – Help Transform The Quadrants On The Loop In 2017

What and Where are The Quadrants?

The Quadrants is a site on the Fallowfield Loop route. It’s situated at the Crayfield Road entrance in Levenshulme. Over the past few years, it’s been going through a steady and welcomed transformation. In 2013 a plan was drawn up, outlining a wish-list/design of the desirable possibilities for the space.

Plans drawn up with Love Levy in 2013

The fruit orchard, comprising of apple, cherry, plum, greengage and pear trees was hand carved in 2012. The Friends and several local Levenshulme groups and individuals were involved in the actual planting, with help from the Sale and Altrincham Conservation Volunteers.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans, which owns the Fallowfield Loop and has recently opened the barriers working with FoFL, making it accessible for all –  also provided equipment and manpower for ground preparation, including a team of Community Payback individuals.

Further maintenance year on year by volunteers has meant the orchard is fully embedded and producing plentiful bushels for the community to enjoy!

Friends of The Fallowfield Loop volunteers embracing the newly opened barriers

Edible Progress in 2016

In 2016 the site has continued to flourish and develop into a beautiful, tranquil, entertaining and edible space. The lovely orchard planted by the Friends of The Fallowfield Loop in 2012 now produces tons of fruit and looks so colourful in the Summer.


On the opposite side, there are 6 raised beds and a new wildflower patch which wowed the passers by last Summer with locals enjoying the colourful space. A wild ‘strawberry field’ was placed at the main entrance for easy picking and grafters also laid a wood chip pathway for easier access.


Cool kids enjoying The Quadrants site last Summer


The Incredible Edible team along with local partners helped to  provide colour and plentiful vegetables, berries and herbs for all who wish to pick. A good effort by a group of volunteers has already helped get it to where it is. In 2017 the hope is to continue the transformation and it needs more hands on deck to flourish. No experience needed. Just some gloves and team effort.

Plans for 2017 and Call Out for Volunteers

Local resident Pauline Johnston (who manages Love Levenshulme) is the coordinator on The Quadrants patch for Incredible Edible and helped oversee some of the developments in 2016.
This year she’s hoping for a bigger team of core helpers for The Quadrants to make more impact and help with the BIG IDEAS for the area;

“Our plans for this year are to set about getting some signs installed and making sure people know the veg patch is for everyone to enjoy.  There’s a make-shift, natural den which we discovered the kids loved at A Pocket Full Of Treasures event last October, so we would love to make this more of a feature and an adventure for kids.

We’d like to plant up the sides of the metal railing to create more space for wildlife and cover the harsh fence. We’re excited about raising more funds and installing a BIG picnic table on the site.  The more people on hand to help, the quicker we can achieve these things.” 


Can You Spare Some Time On A Sunday?

 This coming Sunday 19th at 10am Pauline from Incredible Edible and David and Ian From the FoFL will be on site to show some ideas for the area in 2017 and do some weeding/maintenance and prep work to start planting and sowing events through the year.
Working alongside the FoFL, there’ll also be attempts to create two willow arches for the Orchard and one for the entrance to the ‘Den’, time permitting.
If you can volunteer yourself for 1, 2 or even 3 hours you’ll get a chance to learn some new skills, meet neighbours and work on a green space for the future generations to enjoy. Dates for further dig days and maintenance, planting are shared below.

Future Dates for The Quadrants dig days

If you can’t make it this time around, never fear –  there are regular Dig Days on Sunday mornings and you can be back in time to make a Sunday roast.

Future dates are:

Sunday 19th February 2017 – 10am, Sunday 19th, March 2017 – 10am, April 16th April 2017 – 10am

Come along and get stuck in, for Levy’s sake!

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