Love Levenshulme & Levy Market’s Spring Spruce Up! – 4th March 2017 – The Market Relaunch

For regular readers, you’ll know the ethos of this website is pretty much shouting from the rooftops about all the positive going ons and developments in our unique neighbourhood. It’s a joy to live in Levenshulme and regularly share positive stories from all the good businesses, groups and people who make up the place. This is a compliment sandwich really as the next paragraph goes against all Love Levenshulme stands for. Criticism of Levenshulme.

Fly Tipping And Litter In Levenshulme Is Getting Worse

The sad fact is that there is a BIG problem in Levenshulme.

Like many other places in Manchester and further afield in the UK, litter is becoming endemic of the high street. Dumped rubbish bags and polystyrene takeaway boxes are strewn up the side streets of residential houses in Levenshulme.

Some back alleys are filthy with overspilling trade waste and oil. There are rats and mice in open spaces in the daytime, some recently dead, more alive. Well intentioned people feed birds vast amounts of human food on streets, grass and land attracting more vermin and not fully understanding the consequences of the pigeon poo dangers!

Turn a corner and find a selection of empty Lucozade bottles on the pavement. It’s almost a fun game. One friend recently joked about kids on the way home from school, kicking disregarded litter up Stockport Road like it was “crispy Autumn leaves.” Quite beautiful imagery, if it wasn’t so sad.

All pics taken in Jan/Feb 2017.

This is not a new problem here but it’s one thats been ill tackled by our local authorities for year. Their new contractors as well as their old. It really is getting out of hand and making community groups loose will and patience. No one knows what to do in Manchester it seems…and if they do, they’re certainly not letting on to local neighbourhoods. Okay Rant over… Back to positive stuff!


What Can We Do To Stop Litter In Levenshulme?

As ever, the stoic British resolve rears its grumpy head in the springtime and the people of Levenshulme along with 32 other Manchester spring clean zones are taking part in the annual Great British Spring Clean

Love Levenshulme have teamed up with the  Levenshulme Market crew at the relaunch of their 2017 season (YES!). On Saturday 4th of March at 10am we’re doing a big community litter pick, a proactive approach and hoping to tackle attitudes towards flytipping in the area with a community stall/info point and posters dotted about the district centre in advance. We need to rally the cleaning troops!


The Levenshulme Spring Spruce Up 2017


One Day Wont Change Anything?

No, it probably wont BUT the idea is to have a big cleaning up session and do what we can to clear what we can. A fresh start if you will. The hope is that the more people in our area that can communicate, get together and make visible changes bit by bit to our environment with clean ups, planting, pressure groups, activity days and outreach with less visible members of the community, the better chances we have at tackling it together and forever and creating a nicer place for us all to live. The more people that take part, the more chance of momentum gathering.

What Groups Can You Join If You Want to Keep Levenshulme Tidy All Year Round?

We already have The Friends of Levenshulme Station, The Friends of The Fallowfield Loop , Incredible Edible Levenshulme, Friends of Cringle, Greenbank and Highfield, The Levenshulme Youth Project, Madina Mosque and St Peter’s and St Mary’s Church, Delamere Neighbourhood Group, Carrill and Worsley Grove Residents Group and Levenshulme Square Residents Association 

ALL do their bits to apply pressure and make the place a better place to live but they are always in need of more helpers, all along both sides of the A6. They all have Facebook pages and are super nice. Get in touch!

Plastic World – A Sculpture made from plastic found in the sea.

Do You Need To Bring Anything on Sat 4th March?

Not at all. We do advise scruffy clothes and boots or trainers are best though. All litter picking materials will be provided by Manchester City Council and we’ll be working on different zones with a leader on each team around Levenshulme, including Chapel Street, Buckhurst and Barlow Road/Stockport Road entrance if we get a big enough gang!

As an added bonus all helpers get a Free Hot Drink from the wonderful Coffee Cranks as a wee thank you for making a difference.

So come along and grab a bag and let’s get Levenshulme looking shiny and new.




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