Right Up Our Ginnel – Levenshulme’s Festival of Back Alleys Needs Your Support!

When Is The Ginnel Gathering? 

On the 30th of July 2017, The Ginnel Gathering will take place in and around the back alleys (a network of ginnels if you’re right northern) of Henderson Street in Levenshulme ( and adjoining streets). How big it is depends on a crowdfunding campaign…

What Is it? 

Based on the idea on an annual neighbourhood festival in the Exemple district of Barcelona, The Ginnel Gathering is the concept of Geli Berg, local resident and world music promoter with an active interest in the local community. 

The concept has since evolved wth the involvement of local neighbours on the streets and the community has taken steps to to re-purpose the alleyways of their homes into exciting, vibrant festival zones for the day, each with their own theme. The idea that each alley will celebrate the diversity of the area with community event spaces for workshops and performances.

Why Is It Happening? 

Manchester City Council have stumped up the cash for a portion of the event to take place through a local Neighbourhood Investment Fund.

They see the value of the event as a celebration of local cultures coming together and understand the pro-active approach to solving the issues faced locally with the back alleys in the area which are notorious for fly tipping and poor up-keep. Geli Berg, local organiser adds: 

The Henderson Street neighbourhood consists of a wonderful mix of people from all over the world, together with a high number of freelance creatives; but the only thing which lets the neighbourhood down is the state of the network of ginnels, or alleyways, which interlace the 13 streets of the area.  These spaces attract petty crime and fly-tipping and I wanted to do something to make things better”

How Can It Be Bigger AND Better? 

In order for the full festivities to run, the organisers need to raise £7,698.This will cover the costs of events in three extra ginnels, event training, project management, marketing and other festival costs.

There is under one week to go and they are currently at 95% of their target…one last push so get supporting the crowdfunding campaign here!

The challenge for the group behind the initiative is to crowdfund for this portion of cash to allow the festival participants to fully embrace the concept and bring 3 additional ‘ginnel takeovers’ with live music and managed events by the actual residents and trained up by local creative professionals. 

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the instigators of the most popular ideas will be trained in event organisation and awarded £500 each to produce a programme of events in a ginnel around their chosen theme. 

Two hundred pounds of the total amount will also be paid to a professional creative from the neighbourhood to help develop their idea, thus also developing the local creative economy. 

 cover the cost of events in three ginnels, event training, project management, marketing and all other festival costs, 53% of which has been pledged within the three weeks of the five week campaign. These are some of the concepts below!

  • A children’s ginnel with a programme of activities and games from around the world
  • A green/wellbeing ginnel
  • A ginnel celebrating West African arts and culture. 
  • A ginnel celebrating Jamaican culture
  • A ginnel of Grannies & Grandads, with elderly people sharing memories and advice
  • A  ginnel resembling a Syrian wedding with all the associated traditions
  • A ginnel showcasing the diverse music of the neighbourhood

How To Get Involved

Ginnel Gathering in Levenshulme


On Saturday 1st July, The Ginnel Gathering crew will be taking to Levenshulme Market where they will hosting a community stall to help promote the campaignl in its final week along with the future festival generally. 

You can learn all about the festival, the programme and how to take part as a performer or a punter. Make sure you pay them a visit and show them your support with the pledge as well! 





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